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CaptiveXS: Essential WiFi Services

RaGaPa has combined all the essential Wi-Fi services into a unified platform managed through a cloud based dashboard with its latest solution offering - "CaptiveXS". With CaptiveXS, our innovative content insertion technology can deliver even more relevant content to the connected users in real-time. The other key CaptiveXS features include - Captive Portal with Social Login, Content Filtering, Deep User Analytics and User Management. Learn more at


RaGaPa has now added support for its monetization and engagement solution on the smallest form factor – Raspberry Pi for SMB (Small and Medium businesses). The solution is based on ARM architecture and is delivered as software to be uploaded on a MicroSD card. This MicroSD card can then be used to operate Raspberry Pi or similar small devices available in the market. With the introduction of RaGaPa-Pi, RaGaPa solution can now be deployed in the small and medium businesses that have local breakout internet connection with up-to 100 concurrent users.

HotSpot Monetization

RaGaPa’s exclusive technology inserts content displaying advertisement or other venue specific promoted content on every webpage a user visits using venues’ internet access. This results in a recurring revenue stream for the venue. We call this “Monetize Your Network”.

  • Delivers a Prime Advertising Real-Estate
  • Provides a Recurring Revenue Stream
  • Complete Online Security
  • Seamless Integration with Any Network
  • Simple & Quick Installation

HotSpot Branding

RaGaPa's patent pending in-browser messaging technology delivers your branding campaign message to all internet connected devices, be it laptops, tablets or mobile devices, on any browser without requiring any client software. Branding campaigns can be scheduled to appear on demand or at defined scheduled interval through out the users' browsing session on every webpage the user visits.

  • Persistent In-Browser Messaging Across All Sites
  • Real-time and Scheduled Notification Delivery
  • Creates Strong User Engagement
  • Wide Range of Media Options Available
  • Fully Customizable AdBar

In-Browser App

Online users can now have an app experience without having to download the traditional mobile app. RaGaPa’s in-browser technology provides instant access to your app for anyone using your local network to get online. This proprietary, patent pending technology, lets users experience your app, with all its features, without downloading it. Ideal for venues with information or products they wish to present to customers who are on-site.


RaGaPa solution provides deep analytics on user traffic which can help venues learn more about the user behavior for better targeting.

Here are some of the analytics RaGaPa device collect:

  • Geographical Location
  • Mac Address/Cookie Tracking
  • User Agent
  • User Browser
  • Destination URL
  • Ad/Message Impressions
  • Ad/Message Clicks
  • User Activity with Time

Users have an option to get the raw dump of this analytical data for their own usage or view some simplified charts related to the analytics data through the RaGaPa Campaign Management Portal.


RaGaPa Solution also provides venue with the option of security features. These include some of the most powerful, anti virus, malware, phishing and spyware blockers available along with URL filtering and bit torrent blocking. Our solution also provides active content caching, hence improving user experience with better speeds.

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  • cisco-meraki
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  • Edgewater Wireless

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RaGaPa's mission is to provide a secure and engaging WiFi experience. We have combined all the essential Wi-Fi services into a unified platform managed through our cloud based dashboard with our “CaptiveXS” Solution.

With CaptiveXS, our out-of-the box IoT security and engagement/monetization tools can help businesses of any size to provide a safe and engaging guest WiFi experience. The key CaptiveXS features include - IoT Discovery, Management and Security, Captive Portal with Social Login, Content Filtering, Content Insertion, Deep User Analytics and User Management.

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